We partnered up with Presidio Bay Ventures and created a documentary that follows the journey of students in their Real Estate Development Scholarship Program.
GOAL: social awareness
DURATION: 9 months

Presidio Bay Ventures and its partnering organizations run a program that gives young people from underrepresented backgrounds an opportunity to gain a foothold in the commercial real estate industry. The program is designed to educate youth about the inner workings of real estate development and provide them with opportunities for scholarships to pursue a successful career and future. We created a documentary that tells the personal stories of a group of students in the program over the course of a summer.

Prior to the documentary, we also created a teaser to help Presidio Bay Ventures raise funds for the program. The teaser was screened at Presidio Bay Ventures' 10th Year Anniversary at Saint Joseph's Arts Society in San Francisco and was presented by former mayor, The Honorable Willie L. Brown, Jr.

The film can be viewed on the Presidio Bay Real Estate Scholarship website.


Production took place at multiple locations - including San Francisco's financial district and at live construction sites - to tell the story of the students' journeys throughout the program. Our team also met with families of the students and allowed the students to tell their own stories and explain how the program has impacted them.


Post-production for this project was completed at our studio in San Francisco. Editing commenced at the end of filming and included musical compositions and graphics work to incorporate the client's corporate font and logos.


We premiered the film in California's Silicon Valley at the BraveMaker Film Festival, as well as the partnering Beach Break Film Festival, in order to promote the Presidio Bay Real Estate Scholarship Program and receive financial contributions to expand the program's reach in the coming years. Private screenings have also been held in collaboration with Presidio Bay Ventures and its partner Canopy.

The film continues to be played at film festivals across the country and has also received an Award of Excellence from Global Film Awards' Impact DOCS Awards and the Award of Merit for Social Justice from the global Best Shorts Competition.


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