Presidio Bay Ventures Scholarship
We partnered up with Presidio Bay Ventures to raise awareness of their Real Estate Development Scholarship Program for San Francisco's youth.
TYPE: promotional
GOAL: social awareness
DURATION: 3 months

Presidio Bay Ventures runs a program in partnership with Operation Genesis, a non-profit organization in San Francisco, California that promotes self-confidence in disenfranchised youth and helps them achieve success. The program is designed to educate youth about the inner workings of real estate development and provide them with opportunities for scholarships to pursue a successful career and future.

We partnered with Presidio Bay Ventures, and worked with Operation Genesis, to create a promotional video for the program and specifically their Real Estate Development Scholarship. The aim of the video is to educate other companies and organizations about this impactful program and encourage them to get involved through financial contributions and volunteers. The video was screened at Presidio Bay Ventures' 10th Year Anniversary at Saint Joseph's Arts Society in San Francisco and was presented by former mayor, The Honorable Willie L. Brown, Jr.

The video is also included on the Presidio Bay Ventures website.


Before beginning production, our team met with students and organizers at Operation Genesis to better understand the impact of the program. Production took place at multiple locations to tell the story of the students' journeys and locations were threaded together for a powerful 2.5 minute video.

This collaboration with Presidio Bay Ventures has paved the way for a short documentary that will follow the stories of the students and their success through the program.


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