Olympus: Beautiful Feather Bokeh
We have partnered up with Olympus to showcase one of their OM-D mirrorless cinema cameras.
TYPE: Short Documentary
DURATION: 6 months

Olympus released their latest mirrorless camera of the award-winning OM-D series along with compatible lenses. We partnered up with Olympus to test the camera and lenses through a documentary project.

Rather than simply test the new Olympus products, we created a short documentary about Anneke Beerten, a four-time world champion of four-cross cycling, to showcase the power of the camera and lenses. The documentary stays true to our mission of creating social impact by telling the inspiring story of Beerten, one of the most resilient mountain bike women in the sport.

PRODUCTION & Marketing

The production took place in extreme conditions like rain, dirt, high altitude, and attempting to keep up with Anneke as she raised across unpredictable terrain on her mountain bike.

We put the new Olympus camera and lenses to test in a truly action-packed setting. This collaboration added value to Olympus's showcasing of new products and also provided an opportunity to share Anneke's story with a broad audience.


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