Hands Around The World
We are the social impact marketing partner for this major advocacy project to increase grassroots support to fight Climate Change.
TYPE: Feature Documentary

Hands Around The World is an advocacy project inspired by humanitarian and visionary, Ken Kragen, the creator of "We Are the World" and “Hands Across America”. Neil Morgan, an experienced technologist conceived this incredible idea to have one billion people holding hands around the entire world in a virtual selfie chain for Climate Change. The aim of the project is to raise billions of dollars through a blockchain donation platform, raise awareness and create a database that will make it easy to call people to action for Climate Change issues and impact projects.

We are the social impact marketing partner and documentary production team behind this major project. We are creating a feature-length documentary that will cover the entire process and include the voices of the Hands Around The World team, the musical production of prominent composer, A.R. Rahman, as well as other celebrities and changemakers that are taking part in the project.


We are a part of the Hands Around The World team and we are creating a feature-length documentary that documents production of the technologies, the goals and vision of the project, and interviews with the founders of the project and collaborating changemakers.

While the documentary production is ongoing, we cut a trailer to help generate buzz around the project on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22nd, 2020. The trailer and coverage of the program was featured in major media companies such as Variety and CNN.

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