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We partnered with Alanna Zrimsek to the personal story of Morton Levin, a master artist whose life is captured through his art over 10 decades.
GOAL: Historical
DURATION: 8 months

We worked with Alanna Zrimsek to tell the personal story of her late partner, Morton Levin, a World War II survivor and an exceptional artist who lived from 1923 to 2020. Beginning from his childhood and through the ten decades of his life, Morton Levin keenly observed his surroundings and captured his experiences through his unique style of art.

We created a short art documentary and personal profile of Morton Levin's life as told by himself in archival footage, which is being featured in museum exhibitions alongside his artwork.


Our team explored thousands of photos from Morton Levin's life and thousands of his art pieces. We did extensive research on his life through conversations with those close to him and traveled to his home in Montana.


Post-production for this project was completed at our studio in San Francisco. Editing included archival material coupled with footage of Morton Levin and his artwork curated by our team. We incorporated our own GFX and VFX work as well as an original score for the film.


The film made its premiere at the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls, Montana. Along with the film, the unique exhibition showcased Morton Levin's artwork and marked 100 years of his life and the first of its kind in a museum setting.

A report on that event can be seen here.


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