ambassadors of hope
We joined Harambee Arts in Kenya and documented the impact of their arts program as told by volunteers and children in Kibera.
GOAL: social awareness
DURATION: 8 months

Harambee Arts is an organization that provides Expressive Arts Therapy for women, children and differently-abled people living in communities under severe stress around the world. The organization specializes in the development and delivery of a toolkit of psychosocial activities and partners with grassroots programs and educational agencies around the world to train educators, caregivers and local community members to become the next generation of leaders.

We partnered with Harambee Arts, and together, our teams traveled to Kenya to capture the personal stories of community members and to learn how Expressive Arts Therapy is helping transform their lives in positive ways. The film is coming soon and will be screening at festivals to help raise awareness of Harambee Arts and assist in raising funds for their ongoing programs.


Our team traveled with Harambee Arts to meet members of a community in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya, where education is a scarce resource and violence, disease, and poverty are severely widespread.

Production took place at multiple locations in Kibera and the primary focus was the school set up by Harambee Arts and the past and present students of the arts program.


Post-production for this project was completed at our studio in San Francisco. Editing commenced at the end of filming and included musical compositions and GFX work.

Financing for post-production included funds from our give back program, which are reserved to support social causes like the ones spearheaded by Harambee Arts.


The film has been screened only at private events to help raise funds for Harambee Arts. A special private screening will also be held in Nairobi, Kenya for the community in Kibera. There will also be a public premiere and festival tour for the film.


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