We partnered with Project Open Hand and created a documentary about legendary AIDS activist Ruth Brinker.

A 23-minute documentary about life of legendary AIDS activist Ruth Brinker and her legacy of healing people through meals with love in San Francisco. We partnered with Project Open Hand, a San Francisco organization that serves over 2,500 nutritious meals per day for seniors, adults with disabilities, and people with major illnesses across the Bay Area. Project Open Hand was established in 1985 when Ruth began delivering meals with a growing team of volunteers to her neighbors and friends who were suffering with HIV/AIDS. Today, Project Open Hand is an organization with a national impact through its support for access to food and nutrition across the country.

The film is told mainly through archival material that captures the tense atmosphere of the time and is supplemented with reenactments and interviews that produce an aesthetic that represents the 80s era.


The film was completed over an 8-month period that included interviewing subjects, combing through hundreds of photos and videos in the Project Open Hand archives, and identifying additional archival sources through local organizations and news stations. Actors were also recruited for reenactments to help tell the story and provide an intimate view of the most critical points in Ruth Brinker's beginnings as an AIDS activist.

The purpose of the film was to document the historical work of Ruth Brinker and her everlasting impact on communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Post-production for this project was completed at our remote offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Editing commenced at the beginning of the project and included VFX work to visually enhance the story and the presentation of the archival material.

We coupled production and post-production together in order to effectively balance the use of archival with the reenactments and additional photography and to drive the story forward.


We premiered the film at the landmark Castro Theatre in the heart of San Francisco's Castro District, an internationally-recognized neighborhood that supports the LGBTQI+ community. Our joint campaign with Project Open Hand to promote the premiere prior to its date was widely successful with nearly 1000 people in attendance on the day.

Our marketing plan has also led to outreach with Project Open Hand members across the country. We have submitted the film to dozens of film festivals to maximize the exposure and momentum of the film.


Our team built a website ahead of the premiere at the Castro Theatre in order to promote the film, provide updates, host additional media and provide information and a call-to-action to provide donations to Project Open Hand and support their work.

Promotional materials such as custom movie tickets and t-shirts were created for distribution. An eye-catching movie poster was designed for screenings and online distribution.


A social impact campaign was initiated to direct visitors to donate to Project Open Hand.

The campaign encompasses the organization's own social media pages to enhance fundraising efforts and to recruit more volunteers to the cause.


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