We created a multi-award-winning documentary film and launched a successful call to action campaign.
DURATION: 2.5 Years

A feature-length documentary filmed during the height of war against ISIS. The audience is taken to a refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border where they meet an eight-year-old girl who characterizes her community's resilience. Viewers get to learn directly from impacted families while the war rages on. The film also crosses the border into Syria where some locals have stayed behind to defend their homes.

The film was successfully entered in a global film festival circuit that included major events and won awards for Best Feature Documentary at festivals including San Diego International Film Festival, SCAD's Savannah Film Festival and San Francisco DocFest. The film has been distributed and is currently on several streaming platforms including Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, Kanopy and Xfinity On Demand.


The film was shot over a 16-month period during what was considered one of the most difficult and dangerous times in Syria. The objective of the film was to provide viewers with an alternative perspective of the war. A majority of films during this period focus on the violence and rarely brought the audience up close with the impacted families and individuals.

Resistance Is Life stays true to our company's mission of providing a global platform for impacted communities to tell their stories. The film focused on the families and their children and builds a connection between them and its viewers.


Post-production for this project was completed at our remote offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. As the war against ISIS continued to rage on in Syria and thousands of families remained in camps, there was an urgent need to share the film to raise public awareness.

We assembled a talented team of individuals to bring this project to the finish line.


We screened at over 25 festivals globally and dozens of prestigious educational institutions. The film won 8 major awards and earned distribution on 9 different major streaming platforms.

The film also earned notable mentions and featured interviews in major news outlets including Voice of America, The Economist, CGTN America, and FinTech TV.


Our team built a dynamic website complete with a newsletter to promote the film, provide updates, host additional media and provide information and a call-to-action to provide humanitarian aid for the impacted families.

Promotional materials such as movie cards, lanyards and bracelets were created for distribution. An eye-catching movie poster was designed for screenings and online distribution.


The main objective of this documentary film is to raise awareness of the situation in Syria and to educate the public on how they can help.

We launched a social media ad campaign to raise thousands of dollars in funds for trusted partnering humanitarian NGOs working in Syria and in the refugee camps.


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